Spread Love, Not the Flu

Now more than ever, keeping yourself and your loved ones healthy is a priority.  With worry over COVID-19, many people may think less about the flu and its impact.  But it is important to remember that the flu touches millions each year and tens of thousands die as a result of it.  One of the best and easiest things you can do is to get this year’s flu vaccination.  Medical experts encourage you to get a flu shot to protect your loved ones and your entire community.

“Getting a flu shot in 2020 is more important than ever because COVID-19 is already putting many people in danger. Adding flu season to the equation increases the risk for everyone,” said Dr. Ken Farmer, Director of the Office of Disaster Recovery with Pierce County. “Not only is there an increased risk to us as individuals, but not having flu shots also puts our health care system at risk of getting overwhelmed.”

There are several places in Pierce County to secure your flu shot and many locations are providing a free drive-through experience.  Pierce County Emergency Management developed a user-friendly, location-based website that matches your location with the closest flu shot provider.  The site picks the nearest location for you and highlights it with a map and a tab with more complete directions.  If the date doesn’t work for you, the site also gives several other choices.

Each location you select details if the flu shot is free and whether it is drive-through.  The dates and times are highlighted for each location.  There is also a filter to help you find flu shot locations on a specific date.

If the dates of the free clinics don’t work into your schedule, you can choose from several providers available throughout Pierce County included on the site.  The list is updated as new locations become available.   Locations include pharmacies and medical clinics that offer shots with insurance coverage during their hours of operation, ensuring getting the shot can easily fit into your schedule.

To find a comprehensive list of locations for free flu vaccinations and pharmacies or medical clinics providing shots via your insurance provider, go to findyourflushot.com.