Radiology Scholarship for TCC Students

As a college student, it can be tough to manage work and school, especially when you have to pay for it all yourself. Scholarships can be the difference between earning a degree and being forced to drop out, which is why the TRA Medical Imaging Foundation and Tacoma Community College are proud to announce a new partnership! This partnership will provide financial assistance and a mentoring program for Tacoma Community College (TCC) Radiologic Technology students. 

In its first act of support, TRA Medical Imaging Foundation provided a one-time gift to four TCC Radiologic students who were identified as being at-risk of dropping out of the program. Funded by the Bamford Foundation and matched by the TRA Medical Imagining Foundation, this unique and generous gift met an immediate need for these students. 

TRA and TCC have also announced a new TRA Medical Imaging Foundation Scholarship that will be available for the 2021-22 school year. The TCC Foundation will administer this scholarship to eligible TCC Radiologic Technology students. Students may apply starting in January. 

“We have great, talented and dedicated students in our Radiologic program, and TRA has been an amazing partner, and have gone out of their way to learn about the challenges our students may face on their way to becoming radiology technologists,” said Krista Fox, Dean of Health, Business and Professional Services. “TRA has taken the time to understand these roadblocks, which include food insecurity, homelessness and other barriers. It’s given them a new respect for our students, who embody hard work, integrity and resilience – all attributes that lead to success in the health care industry.” 

In addition to financial support, TRA will provide mentoring for scholarship students. Because Radiologic Technology is a field with many sub-specialties, students will be assigned TRA mentors based on their areas of interest – mammography or CT scans, for example. 

Both the immediate awards and the ongoing scholarships will help students complete training for a field that has an increasing local demand for qualified technicians. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, radiologic technician employment is increasing nationally at a rate 13 percent higher than that of other jobs. TRA Medical Imaging, the South Sound’s largest imaging organization, employs 480 employees, which includes 125 technologists and 20 x-ray techs. 

“This education fund will help us grow the next generation of medical technologists by providing a mentorship program and scholarships for students who want to pursue careers as radiology technologists,” Dr. Douglas Seiler, President, TRA Foundation. “TCC has one of the best radiology programs in the state, and they’re right here in Tacoma. It’s a wonderful collaboration and a natural partnership that serves our community.”

For more information about TCC’s Radiologic Technology program, please visit TCC’s website.