Capital Medical Center Lends a Robotic Arm

Thurston County is reaching new medical heights with its very own Capital Medical Center.

Through a partnership with Olympia Orthopedic, the Center is the first hospital in the county to implement a ground-breaking robotic arm surgical system that functions to assist with hip-joint and knee replacement surgery.

This addition is an exciting one for those in the community that are proper candidates for hip and knee replacement, due to the improvements the robot makes from previous surgery performance. For one, robot assistance has proven to produce more accurate results. Studies show that robot-assisted knee replacement is two to three times more accurate than manual replacement. Further benefits include less time under anesthesia and recovery, and the hospital stay is often less than 24 hours.

Even though going under the knife is a requirement for many people during their lifetime, it can be a little nerve-racking for some. But the fact that the surgeon uses this new system during replacement surgery should bring some mental relief. According to Dr. Trask of Olympia Orthopedic, the robot makes the surgery safer and is completely guided by the surgeon. “I perform cuts through a haptic zone that only lets me cut the bone I intend to remove. I run it the whole time. The robot never does anything on its own.”

The system also allows every surgical experience to be personalized to each patient. “I get to plan their surgery virtually prior to making any bone cuts,” says Dr. Trask. “It allows me to be proactive and what to anticipate during their surgery. As a whole, [it] makes the procedure more predictable.”

Check out Capital Medical Center’s new surgical system today on their website and rest easy knowing that your hips and knees are in the hands of top medical professionals and technological advances!

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