Spring Fashion in with Flair

Eager to enjoy the sense of fresh beginnings this spring, we look forward to the promise of spring and the freshening of our attire.

Flourishing Floral Patterns

Change is absolutely inevitable this season as life is in bloom. Dressing in floral patterns this spring will make a statement as you walk into a room.

Wide Leg Pants are Adaptable

Keeping it comfortable yet classy, wide leg bottoms are being revived. Worn in many different materials, this 70’s statement is back and better. Whether this look is utilized in denim, rayon, polyester, and dare we say spandex, admiring the versatility of this look is pivotal as this silhouette transitions easily from casual to the boardroom.

Khaki and Yellow are Aesthetically Kin

Blending with nature this season, khaki and yellow will capture a feeling of
coherence in any outfit. Worn together or apart, these two colors are bringing an organic aura to spring attire.

White Dresses Wear Wonderfully

Going for the white wine instead of the red this spring is worth it. Any desired length of white dresses this season are being admired for their ethereal charm.

Physique Cinch

Easy to achieve with any belt, embracing the form of your body and emphasizing what you’ve got this spring is easy to achieve. Worn with a dress, jacket, or a high-waisted skirt, this take on sinuosity will uplift your pure, feminine body confidence.


Outdoor Living Spaces

It’s time to start thinking about your impending spring and summer garden parties. Outdoor living and entertaining are important to modern life; people enjoy spending time outside, surrounded by fresh air, wildlife and the sounds and smells of their environment. Ultimately, this means you need to offer your guests an outdoor space where they will feel comfortable spending time. If you haven’t given your outdoor spaces a second thought since fall, you might need some guidance toward up-and-coming trends. Here are some design ideas to jumpstart your creativity and get your outdoor areas ready for sunny skies.

Natural Materials

Metal and plastic outdoor furniture and features have been popular for decades because these materials offer the clean, modern lines essential to minimalism, and metal and plastic tend to withstand the elements fairly well. However, as interest in minimalism has waned, so has the use of synthetic or artificial materials in outdoor décor. Instead, you should look into utilizing natural materials, like organic cotton, wool, wood and wicker.

Warm Colors

In addition to the change in materials, the most up-to-date deck and patio furniture is warm and inviting in color. In recent history, color palettes for the home have been relatively cool-toned: grays, icy blues, white and black. Cool colors are refreshing and tend to have a calming effect, but they don’t often make a space feel welcoming or comfortable. As the new year dawns,
almost every designer is shifting focus toward warm and earthy hues, like brown, taupe, golden yellow, dusty red and olive green.

You can integrate warm colors many places in your exterior design, not just your outdoor furniture. You might consider giving your front and back doors a new coat of paint or changing the color of your home’s trim around windows and doors. You could add decorative hardscaping, like fences, with a new and inviting color palette. Finally, you can stain your concrete or repaint your deck to add color to your exterior. Most of these fixes are relatively small but pack a major decorative punch.


It doesn’t matter how much time, effort and expense you put into your outdoor living area if your furniture is uncomfortable. Perhaps most important of all, the features you place in your exterior living spaces should be functional, meaning you and guests should be able to enjoy the stylish outdoors with ease and comfort.

Additionally, you might consider adding functional features to your outdoor living space, transforming it into a true room of your home. A popular choice is to add an outdoor kitchen space, replete with refrigerator, counter space, cooktop and more. An outdoor kitchen can be fun and interactive during warm-weather months, when you don’t want to separate the party between your yard and indoor kitchen. Plus, it gives you more opportunity to design your exterior, perhaps adding trendy countertops, backsplashes and lighting to the space.


Truly a Life, Handmade

One of the exciting new retail stores at the Public Market at Point Ruston is Jack + Adeline Home. Owners Paul and Leanne Franetovich are creating custom wood furnishings, rustic home decor and personalized gifts from wood salvaged around the Pacific Northwest. Their products and furnishings are all handmade and vary from elaborate dinner tables and matching benches to gift giving items like candle holders and cutting boards.

Born from a similar background of building a community through family connections made at the dinner table, Paul and Leanne named their business after their grandparents. When Leanne and Paul married in 2015, his skills in woodworking emerged. Paul realized he could make the tables needed for their wedding less expensively than he could rent them. He made six 8-foot by 3-foot tables, one of which still serves as their dining room table to this day. His talent in this area flourished and he began making custom order pieces as well as volume items that he and Leanne began selling at the Tacoma Farmers Market. Then on July 10, they opened their first brick and mortar store at the Market.

Working nights and weekends to ensure there is enough inventory at the retail location, Paul still works at his day job. Leanne loves to bake and is working on perfecting her Wild Yeast Sourdough bread recipe and the next part of their ten-year plan, opening Jack + Adeline Hearth. Hearth will be a bakery that will fold into their home décor business.

Paul and Leanne hope that their store and handmade goods democratize luxury goods. By placing their items at approachable pricing, they increase access to luxury goods to more people. The couple plans to do the same in the pricing of the food they will offer in the future at Jack + Adeline Hearth.

Visit their store at the Point Ruston Public Market (5101 Yacht Club Road in Ruston, WA) to see the latest product offerings in rustic home décor and furnishings.

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Jack + Adeline Home


Chic Farmhouse Design for Dash Point Home

When Terry and Kathy Kleeberger decided to upgrade their Dash Point home they envisioned a lighter brighter space. We loved the rustic cozy feel of the house but wanted to update and brighten up the kitchen, says the Kleeberger’s. 

The project began in Jan 2019 and was completed that June. They brought in the experts at Signature Design and Cabinetry to help with the design. “We wanted to keep it cozy and  inviting a comfortable place for friends and family while incorporating some chic farmhouse charm”, says the Kellenergers. The couple also envisioned a space with tools and equipment for plenty of ongoing entertaining both indoor and outside.   

“Remodels can be difficult and typically take longer than expected, but it all came together beautifully” says the home owners. The cabinet design, ordering and installation was seamless. In the end we have tons of storage and love the new pantry and wine cooler.  Entertaining is so much easier with an indoor and outdoor kitchen, too. We now have an expanded  space for people to enjoy in and around the kitchen. 

Signature Design & Cabinetry


Images by: Denise Knudson Photography

Point Ruston Stylish Condo Virtually Designed

William Flanagan Pash-Uhn Photography

Condo owners at Point Ruston asked Alinda Morris Design to take on the challenge of designing and installing their dream house in time for them to enjoy the sun in their new home.  “This was such an exciting project,” said Morris. “We are all about creating stylish, eclectic yet clean-line spaces for our clients.”

The project began with several conceptual furniture plan options. Once a finalized layout was created, several design boards with furniture selections and lighting options were offered to the client. Alinda Morris Design provided the condo with furnishings, artwork, window treatments, and updated lighting fixtures.​

“When working to personalize new construction, we combine styles and periods through a wide variety of items to achieve a curated look,” Morris explained. The design team added small details to the home as well as larger pieces to create a luxurious yet comfortable feel. “We wanted our clients to feel like they are on vacation all the time but we did not want anything in the space to feel formal or precious,” Morris said.​

The house showcased a simple color palette with accent colors and patterns layered throughout to add interest to various rooms. Morris’s team knew that art, accessories, and interior styling were very important to their clients, so they selected custom artwork focusing on the theme of travel from artists they love. The completed space is cozy, sophisticated, and still great for an energetic family.

“Not only is our home stunning,” the owners said, “the whole process was also completely painless and was done 100% virtually. I could have as much or as little input as I wanted. When we arrived at our home everything was complete and perfect.”

It’s noteworthy how seamless this project was as all the work on this project “was done 100% remotely,” said Morris.  The homeowners actually live in Chicago and desired a second home in the Pacific Northwest. During these times, it is a relief that clients are still able to partner long distance and enjoy design services and virtual consultations. 


Jennifer Weddermann: Architect/Metal Artist

“Do what you’re passionate about, and you will
meet people who care about what you do.”

That’s the advice of Jennifer Weddermann, a Tacoma architect who also  designs and fabricates metal art. She founded Weddermann Architecture in 2010 in the aftermath of a major recession. Now her certified woman-owned firm is finding its path through the effects of COVID-19.

Weddermann’s notable buildings include the Tacoma Police Department headquarters as well as the popular children’s playgrounds at Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium and The Farm at SillyVille at the Washington State Fair in Puyallup. She has also designed private homes and the large Hanna Heights Apartments project in Tacoma’s theater district.

Her metal art pieces can’t be missed. A major installation at the entry of the Tacoma Children’s Museum is big, colorful and whimsical. A large Point Ruston sign continues the whimsy,embracing a nautical theme.In Seattle, look for a giant metal angler fish in the South Park neighborhood. She has also installed a new piece of corporate art in the Alki neighborhood.

“Now we’re going for more community-related projects that affect the most people in a positive way,” Weddermann said of her COVID-era work. Weddermann is especially pleased with artistic metal gates designed for the YWCA Pierce County domestic violence shelter. She donated a panel to a Smithsonian exhibit organized to show how beauty impacts healing.

Architectural design can be desk work. That’s not the case with the metal art, which can involve extensive physical labor. Why metal as a medium? In a furniture design class in graduate school, Weddermann discovered that her limited budget wouldn’t cover the cost of expensive wood. To create her graduate class project, she took her $10 to a junk yard and loaded a cart with a pile of rolled steel pieces—a lot of pieces.That experience affected her choice for her future artistic work. “Steel is cost effective. If I make a mistake, I grind it out,” Weddermann explained. “Steel is strong and fluid with a lot of potential.” “That pile of metal activated the creative side of my brain,” she said.Now the community benefits from her creativity. by Emily Happy

Weddermann Architecture

Gift Guide 2020

Slumberkins Collection

Not only a plush friend to snuggle with,but also a tool to promote emotional learning. Each “kin” comes with its own individual story and technique to help build healthy routines and bonds between guardian and child. $44


Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket

This coat is lightweight, weather-resistant, extremely compressible and performs its main duty of warmth. Insulation and lining are 100% recycled and sewing is Fair Trade Certified™. $199


Holy Lamb Organic Pillows

Certified organic, handmade wool pillow that comes with a premium sateen case. Size and thickness options available. $99


Spiceology Popcorn Seasonings

Add some flavor to movie night with a fun variety of Spiceology popcorn seasonings such as Apple Cinnamon and Bleu Cheese Buffalo. Available in a gift pack set. $34


Yeti Lunch Box

Elevate your meals to go with sleek design, ColdCell™ Flex insulation and a leakproof, waterproof exterior. $80


Vita and Luz

Skillfully handcrafted pieces made of hammered brass and smooth Skagit River driftwood meant to reflect lunar and celestial power. A portion of all proceeds support Wipe Every Tear Foundation’s fight against sex trafficking in the Philippines. $50-$250


Get Your Home Holiday Ready

As the holidays approach, many of us think about making improvements to our home. New furniture and décor are a quick and easy way to spruce up your surroundings. At Courtyard Antiques and Home Decor, they offer vintage pieces that you will not find elsewhere.

According to owner Laurie Johnson, “Antiques can be mixed in with even highly contemporary pieces to give a room a warm glow. We show customers how to work antiques into their design aesthetic and that your design doesn’t have to be all one or the other.”

Creating a vignette or fun display using a family heirloom or something you purchase from one of the30 vendors at the 10,000 square foot mall can be just the thing you need to get your home “holiday ready”. And, shopping at Courtyard Antiques and Home Decor during the holiday season is a magical experience where each of the unique vendors strive to create a cozy,festive environment. The large collection of vendors means that there are many styles and a huge variety of furniture and décor to select from including farmhouse,industrial, mid-century modern, cottage and Asian. It is also a great place to find special one-of-a-kind gifts.

Under the new ownership of Johnson, who was a vendor in the mall for 15 years prior to purchasing, Courtyard Antiques has been facing the challenges of operating a small business during a pandemic. Altering their business model to include more social media shopping with photos of the ever-changing inventory and adding curbside pick-up was a must. Johnson credits the success of Courtyard Antiques during these past few months to the supportive vendors who are passionate about what they do and the service and products they provide. Curbside pick-up will be available through the holiday season.

Courtyard Antiques also carries a full line of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® products with a paint studio offering classes on how to transform or repurpose your furniture and kitchen cabinets. LYN CASTLE

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Fall Fashion

As the leaves begin to fall we start to pack away our summer clothes and look at fresh fall clothes and accessories. Check out this list of our favorite fall trends to consider whether you are shopping online or in stores this fall. 

Brightly colored handbags 

Loud and proud, bright and bold. This look can bring a pop of color into any outfit. This bright accessory change will encourage you to walk into fall catching attention.

Skirt suits

Skirt suits are  uncomplicated, sophisticated, and versatile. Dress this up or dress it down. A skirt suit look can be paired with simple pearls and pump heels or substantial jewelry and chunky heels. Express your style by pairing your favorite  accessories with this apparel. 

Brown and beige slouchy leather coats/boots

Easy to wear with any outfit, slouchy leather boots add a warm touch to a fall outfit. These boots present a feeling of a billowy motion. Do you want to add something about leather coats here, given the title?

Cowl neck dresses 

The cowl neck from the 90’s is back! Minimalist, comfortable, and flattering, this design gives a jolt of life to any attire. The cowl neck silhouette appeals to reveal femininity, especially when paired with satin or suede.

Neutral tones

Neutral colors highlight the beauty and simplicity of fall 2020. Dressing in these shades emphasizes the beauty of a natural elegant aesthetic. 

By Morgan Lucas

Holy Lamb Organics New Olympia location

Holy Lamb Organics has been making natural bedding products locally by hand in the small town of Oakville, Washington for 18 years. The South Sound community can access a “touch and feel” experience in Olympia.  The company’s retail showrooms are  the only all-natural bedding stores between Seattle and Portland, according to owners Jason and Mindy Schaefer.

The showroom is a great way for customers to experience the products. “We’re excited to be part of the downtown Olympia neighborhood is a great fit for our business,” says Mindy Schaefer.

Holy Lamb Organics’ manufacturing plant is located in what was once Oakville’s historic Little Bit General Store, which served the community in eastern Grays Harbor County for over 85 years. Built in 1902, the building also includes a showroom that is open to the public.

According to the Schaefers, Holy Lamb Organics bedding is handmade using the highest quality materials and forward-thinking design and innovation. Made in the USA, the products are natural and certified organic. The Schaefers add that replacing the bedding of an allergy sufferer with natural products can reduce or eliminate the effects of allergies.

Besides promoting health and well-being, the Schaefers’ vision is to strengthen the local economy using sustainable and ecological practices in their manufacturing and selling. “We bring distinctive, comfy, healthy goods to the marketplace without ever compromising our commitment to sustainability and the environment.”

The Schaefers invite you to their new showroom in March to experience the difference all-natural bedding offers. In the mean-time you can shop to your hearts content on-line.  


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Holy Lamb Organics
113 Thurston Ave NE, Olympia