Celebrate Dia de los Muertos with TAM

Like many other wonderful annual events this year, the 16th annual Tacoma Art Museum’s Día de los Muertos Festival is going virtual this year.  Regularly drawing thousands of visitors, the annual festival will recreate the event using a new online version through a website.

Visitors to the site will be given the opportunity to create art from afar, enjoy performances, and develop a virtual ofrenda (altar) exhibit from October 31 to November 15.  Altars are beloved centerpieces at the annual festival at TAM. The altars will now be assembled in the homes of participants and will be filled with offerings of food and drink to nourish the spirits on their long journey back home.  The altars often contain flowers, candles, clay figurines, sugar skeletons with the names of the deceased, and personal messages to the spirits.

Día de los Muertos is an annual celebration that spans centuries, generations, and cultures across Latin America with roots in Mexico. Celebrants believe that every year the souls of the dead can enter the human realm to reunite with loved ones, but only if they are remembered on the Day of the Dead.  Tacoma Art Museum’s annual Día de los Muertos Festival, hosted in partnership with Proyecto MoLe and Centro Latino, has grown over the past sixteen years, bringing together community organizations, schools, families, and individuals to create altars, remember loved ones, celebrate culture, and share with community.

“Safe social distancing means TAM will not be able to host thousands of visitors on November 1 as we originally planned, but our commitment to this festival has not wavered. Art is Always Open at TAM and this festival is a perfect example,” noted David F. Setford, TAM Executive Director. “While we will miss the lively performances, beautiful ofrendas and the tapete in the Museum lobby, this year’s multi-day event will allow for new experiences that have never been part of the celebration before. During this incredibly challenging year, we saw an even greater need for people to come together to share the love and memories of those we have lost.”

For more information about the Día de los Muertos Festival, visit   www.tacomaartmuseum.org.