ChuSeok Festival Celebrates Its Fourth Year

The Annual ChuSeok Festival, hosted by the Asia Pacific Cultural Center, is celebrating its fourth year this September by hosting an online interactive event! The festival will be a series of activities throughout the third week of September as Facebook Live events. Each daily program will start at 11 a.m. and last approximately 30-45 minutes depending on the event. Be sure to get the family involved and join in on cultural learning through the engaging activities offered!

The 2020 line up will be as follows:

Sept 14: Day 1 will feature Man Sung Performing Arts as they open the week-long series with dance and instruments ushering in blessings for the events. These dances will be done as the performers are walking around carrying various instruments and playing them to make sweet sounds.

Sept 15: Day 2 will teach the audience about varying Korean mannerisms. The presentation will take attendees back to their roots and teach the younger audience members about mannerism and how to act appropriately and respect others as Korean.  These important lessons ensure that the Korean youth understand who they are as Koreans.

Sept 16: Day 3 will include demonstrations, showcasing Korean Ink painting with Korean Mook Wha style.  Featured Artist Sun Watkin is a very talented Korean artist in the Pierce County community who is passionate about keeping Korean culture alive.

Sept 17: Day 4 will feature Song Pyun rice cake making. Attendees will learn to make this very special dessert, a perfect fit for the ChuSeok festival.

Sept 18: Day 5 will close with a Tea Ceremony performed and led by Ms. Patsy Surh O’Connell & Friends. This traditional ceremony is a fitting way to wrap up APCC’s fourth annual Chu Seok Festival Celebration.

For more information, check out the Asia Pacific Cultural Center Facebook page