Let’s Reflect on Resilience

As the holidays approach, we look back at this past year and the challenges we have faced. We have been pivoting and reinventing everything in our lives: the way we work, play, and engage with our community. It has given an entirely different meaning to our tagline, “the art of living.”

During this past year, the sheer resilience of our community has been awe-inspiring to say the least. We have seen businesses, friends and neighbors struggle during this time. And what offers great hope is the fact that most have made it through. This year, even more than others, let’s reflect on all the resilience that we have found. Heroes emerged during this past year, as we found those countless individuals that recognized little ways to do simple things to help our neighbors.

Now, after months of staying indoors to stay safe, we are now ready to enjoy our families and celebrate the holiday season as we move into a new phase. We celebrate resilience and the nonprofits in our community that have bridged the much-needed gap during this time.

As our homes have now become more important, we feature fresh redesign tips for your home and wellness tips for the holiday season. Of course, this issue would not be complete without our annual Shopping Guide.

Wherever your interest lies this holiday season, we hope that these stories encourage you to be thankful and take note of your own resilience. More than ever, we encourage you to reach out to your neighbors and those in need during this season, as everyone can use a little extra help and joy in 2020.


Robin Lucas, Publisher
Robin Lucas