More Than Just ‘Eye Candy’

Have you ever sat in a medical appointment, wishing you were receiving more personal service? Not just the next one in line, but actually cared about? Then take a peek into Eye Candy Optical and say hello to Dr. Kandi Moeller.

Dr. Kandi and her team are ready to treat you like family—which she jokes, “Isn’t always a good thing”—but get ready to have fun.

Dr. Kandi is a new neighbor too! Kandi Moeller and her husband moved to the South Sound in June, bringing with them five fluffy kitties, two of which were “foster” cats that they loved too much to let go. When was the last time you were invited to bring in pictures of your pet to share with your doctor? Dr. Kandi feels that pets are another part of your family and welcomes them with open arms.

Dr. Kandi is motivated in helping clients with things we may take for granted—kids seeing the chalkboard at school and seniors appreciating the beauty of leaves on trees. (And she may or may not have a goal to rescue as many cats as she can!)

With 20 years of experience as an optometrist, Dr. Kandi can do it all—eye exams, contact lens evaluations, medical exams, diabetes eye care, Lasik co-management, myopia control and orthokeratology. Eye Candy Optical also provides unique eyewear with superior quality lenses and coatings and contact lenses.

Dr. Kandi shared, “I want to educate folks on the need for eye exams. It’s not just about how well you see—I am also looking for life-or sight-threatening diseases that don’t have symptoms, like lung cancer, diabetes, glaucoma, leukemia and more. People can ‘see fine’ and ‘feel fine’ and unknowingly have cancer or other diseases. Everyone needs yearly eye exams!”

Take a look at Gig Harbor’s Uptown today and help welcome your new neighbor, Dr. Kandi and Eye Candy Optical, to the neighborhood!

4735 Point Fosdick Dr, Gig Harbor