“Music from Home” with Lakewold Gardens

In a time where our social experiences are limited and unique art is more difficult to find, Artistic Director Joseph Williams, in collaboration with Lakewold Gardens, offers a new way to enjoy incredible music without even having to be in a concert hall. This house concert series, titled Music from Home, features performances, compositions, and visual pieces of art from underrepresented artists and musicians.

The idea for Music from Home began as a response to the overwhelming prevalence of eurocentric males in the world of classical music. Williams recognized that concert-goers were missing out on so much of the musical world when they were only exposed to a certain demographic of artists, and he wanted to change that. “By authentically centering programming around womxn and people of color,” he says, “This series rejects tokenization and invites each artist to paint their own narratives.”

In a usual year, the Music from Home season is a series of “inclusive social ceremonies of wine, beer and musical storytelling” at the Lakewold Gardens. This year, the 2020 season is coming to a close with a virtual Music from Home concert, performed by tenor Andrew Turner and entitled A Long Way from Home.  

Andrew Turner, performing in “A Long Way from Home”

“Music and art allow artists to convey ineffable feelings, thus inducing empathy in our hearts and catalyzing connectivity with others in shared space,” Williams says. “The word ‘home’ evokes comfort, belonging, self-formation.” Whether that be from our individual homes while watching A Long Way from Home via Facebook this month, or while roaming the beautiful Lakewold Gardens in a future performance, listeners can enjoy a sense of calm and unity with the performers and with their fellow audience members.

For more information, or to watch the virtual concert when it is available, visit the Lakewold Gardens website.