Civil Rights Legacy Tour

Civil Rights Legacy TourCivil Rights Legacy Tour

January 19, 3pm

Pantages Theater

901 Broadway, Tacoma

253.591.5894 |

In today’s rhetoric, it can be easy to paint the “Other” in broad strokes, but what happens when the “Other” turns out to be your best friend? Thomas and Julia’s friendship is tested when one of them argues against immigration and the other reveals being undocumented. The debate heightens on the eve of a modern-day ride for immigrant rights, when they meet Ms. Vivian, a veteran of the original Freedom Rides of the 1960s. Through Vivian’s memories, the students consider how the challenges and lessons of the Civil Rights Movement could influence their actions today. With evocative dialogue, multimedia elements, and supporting curricula, this is one bus ride students will not forget. Along the way, they will think critically about the Civil Rights Movement, civic engagement, American identity, and freedom of expression in relation to the urgent issues of our own times.