Heritage Skills Workshop: 19th Century Watercolor Workshop

Heritage Skills Workshop: 19th Century Watercolor Workshop

December 12, 11am-2pm

Online Event


Registration deadline – Dec 4, 2020, Tickets: $65.

This workshop interweaves a hands-on activity with a presentation on historical context. During the workshop, participants will make their own watercolor using the materials and techniques of the mid-19th century. Participants will learn about the artists behind mid-19th century images of the Pacific Northwest— who they were, why they came west, and what they produced — and discover their place within the historical movement to document the west. Participants will also see how the artists’ training, materials, and techniques reflect art historical developments during the “golden age” of watercolor landscape painting. By the end of the session, participants will have completed their own watercolor and understand the significance of watercolor in the settlement of the region.