Heritage Skills Workshop: Cider Making

Heritage Skills Workshop: Cider MakingHeritage Skills Workshops 1

November 7, 11am-3pm

Online Event


Registration fee: $65  Registration deadline – Oct 30, 2020

Cider, Cyser, Melomel, Pymot, Braggot, Mead, there is not a fruit, root, flower or plant that has not been fermented and drank. All around the world, fermented cider has been an excepted part of civilization. From rural farmhouse ciders to monastery meadaries this class is an homage to the world of cider and a fascinating peek at the beverage.

For the aspiring cidermaker, this class includes great information on cider making basics, fermentation, and varieties of cider.

Come, learn, and understand one of the worlds oldest fermented drinks. Join us in the ancient arts of mixing and blending of natural resources with the under-appreciated-but-almighty foundation of civilization. The apple.