The Brook & The Bluff: Thanksgiving Eve Livestream

The Brook & The Bluff: Thanksgiving Eve Livestream

November 25, 6pm

Virtual Performance

253.835.7010 |

*Note the show starts at 6pm Pacific Time. The confirmation email reflects Central time not Pacific.

First there was Saturn. Then there was Iron City. And now…..The Entire World. Join us through screens, wires, free Starbucks WiFi, and costly cellular data for our favorite annual show from our hometown. There will be rock, roll, guitars both electric and acoustic, and maybe even a little dancing. November 25, don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime celebration.

The Brook & The Bluff is a Birmingham-born, Nashville-based band that has quickly become recognized by its evocative blend of vocal harmony, soulful air and groovitational pull. These elements are readily apparent in the group’s releases, which have helped spur the band forward in their musical pursuits. What started as a duo of Alec & Joseph transformed into the dynamic live act with John & Fred filling out the band.