Wilde Tales

Wilde Tales

February 7-9

Cornish Playhouse at Seattle Center

201 Mercer St, Seattle


The opera depicts the Swallow and his feathered friends who travel the world, visiting the most beautiful and remote destinations. The flock passes through a small town, where the locals are preparing a festival to unveil a gilded statue of a beautiful Prince. The arrogant fireworks quibble over who will steal the show and impress the mayor during the celebration. After the festival, the birds get ready to take flight once again, but the Swallow is distracted when the statue suddenly comes to life. The Prince, seeing the downtrodden townsfolk struggling to survive, asks the Swallow to stay behind and deliver gifts to those in need. Observing the charity of the Prince and his new friend, the fireworks and other townsfolk newly realize the importance of generosity and empathy.

Youth 18 & under: $5; Adults: $15.


Performance running time: under an hour.