Within the Law

Within the Law

March 26-April 18

Knutzen Family Theatre

3200 SW Dash Point Rd, Federal Way

253.661.1444 | centerstagetheatre.com

A young shopgirl does her job well, believing in kindness and integrity – until one day she is framed and arrested for theft. Sentenced to prison on the insistence of her politically influential boss, she vows to repay the men and the system who have ruined her life. She will do it without ever breaking the law… no one can stop her. A tense, layered, cathartic tale of injustice, revenge, and eventual redemption, Within the Law is based on the 1913 play by Bayard Veiller and is being given a fresh adaptation by actor and playwright Joshua Jérard, with additional edits by Trista Duval.