Artist Spotlight: Megan Douglas

For as long as Megan can remember she wanted to open a spa. “I used to read about how to do home spa treatments in magazines, and then have my friends come over to get wrapped in oatmeal and whatever else I could find around the house“, says Megan. I always loved the idea of creating a sanctuary for people to come and step away from daily life and find their serenity within. Serenity spa is the fulfillment of this life long dream, and Tacoma’s first eco-friendly and organic day spa. The spa combines the idea of relaxation for mind, body and spirit. For more information check them out at

How do you measure success?

I measure success based on how much I can contribute light and love to the world. I feel as though I have had a successful day when someone tells me that I have helped them to see themselves and the world in a new way.

Who did you admire most as a child?

As a child I most admired my mom. She had such a free spirit, and always remained playful even in the toughest of times.

Who do you admire most now?

My father. He was so content in just the journey of life, even if he never made it to what he thought was his destination. He went back to college at age 40 to become an oceanographer. He died of cancer in his junior year of college, but while he was fighting for his life he was so happy just to be learning. His last wish for me was “never allow yourself to be unhappy”. At age fifteen that didn’t mean much, but over the years its meaning has become my deepest belief, that I have the power to choose and to create my life.

What is the most memorable compliment you have received?

The most memorable compliments I’ve ever received were from patients and yoga students that told me that I somehow touched their lives.

If you could have any super power what would it be?

Well, I think we all have a lot more power than we realize. But if I could enhance my super power I would be able to heal anyone; mind, body and spirit.

Who do you think most deserves the spotlight?

People that aren’t afraid to go for their dreams. Everyone should know that they can create their own destiny.

Leah Grout