Room to Breathe…

From the moment you set foot on the property… You are struck by the fact that this place encourages you to integrate with nature. The clean clear sent of pine wafts through the air and you hear the wind rustling against the trees as you enter. There is a sense of relaxation combined with a curiosity to experience all that Suncadia has to offer. Like a child that has just glimpsed a beautifully wrapped present, my eyes were wide in wonder at all the beauty that this mountainous resort had to offer.

Inspired by the grand lodges of Washington’s National Forest Parks, the lodge’s classic gabled presence captures the spirit of the Pacific Northwest, with magnificent architecture and craftsmanship that honors the beauty of it’s natural surroundings. This place is really about getting out and “experiencing it“. Championship golf, fly fishing, and miles of spectacular hiking and cycling trails, fine dining and spa services. So many fun things to do, yet this trip centered around exploring the wellness center and spa.

Hidden amidst a sanctuary of pine trees, Glade Spring Spa focuses on mind and body by renewing spa goers with the sensuous elements of the earth. The 9,900 square foot spa is centered in a serene mountain glade with 14 indoor spa treatment suites offering a variety of facials, body treatments and wet and dry massages. Ooooo la la!

Entering the spa, we were warmed by the natural light that flooded the area. Brown tones and wood along with huge windows integrate the out doors with three sanctuary salt heated pools. Much like an ice cube in hot water, the pools allow your cares and worries to melt away and disintegrate.

We proceeded to our changing area where—I must admit—I fell in love with the bathrobes that were to adorn us during our stay. Ok, call me a romantic but they were really lovable, after all they wrapped around you and instantly you were warmed. They were like butter, soft to the touch and yummy.

Speaking of coziness… we proceeded to the waiting area. As we relaxed on comfy lounge chairs we could hear the sounds of the meandering creek that runs through the property; water literally runs under the sanctuary room itself. This connection of elements also translated into our rejuvenating facial and massage treatments, which were infused with indigenous elements of the Northwest, including lavender, honey and chardonnay wine.

Then I embarked on a vino therapy massage. The blissful full-body massage uses wine-infused massage oils which are known to have anti-aging benefits. After which they offer a glass of Chinook Chardonnay to complete the experience. The massage was followed by a soak in the sea salt tubs! Ahhhhhhh!

I have often loved an adventure that couples natural surroundings with luxury… Suncadia Resort was the perfect pairing of luxury and experience with room to breathe…

Leah Grout

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