Farmers Markets for the Community

If there is any question about the popularity of Farmers Markets, then the expansion of dates and locations over the past several years throughout the south Puget Sound should completely put that question to bed. More Farmers Markets are popping up, including the City of Lakewood adding a second market location every other Friday night beginning in Mid-April. There are waterfront markets in Gig Harbor and Steilacoom and markets open seasonally like Tacoma’s four locations around the city (Proctor, Ruston, Eastside and Broadway). And there is the Olympia Market which is open year-round. These markets provide a venue for local farms, small businesses and organizations to directly connect with their end users.

There is no doubt that adding fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet is a good idea. A diet rich in produce sold at Farmers Markets has many health benefits including improved cardiovascular health, a lower risk of cancer, improved vision, better digestion and assistance in diabetes control. Not to mention, the activity of shopping at a Farmers Market is good exercise and a lot of fun when so many provide a wide variety of entertainment.

In addition to produce, most markets feature even more. One of the largest in the state, the downtown Puyallup Farmers Market, showcases locally grown and harvested floral and specialty items like honey and spices. You often find wares on sale from talented artisan crafters or specialty food vendors serving up delicious items to eat on site.

With varying harvests and vendor schedules, visiting Farmers Markets frequently ensures you won’t miss out on fresh asparagus in spring, gorgeous Rainier cherries in summer and a wide variety of apples in fall.


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