Healthy Feet Are A Foundation For A Healthy Life

Experiencing recurring pain in your feet or suffering with an injury can significantly reduce your mobility, affect your overall wellness, and leave you feeling off balance. To get you back to your daily routine and the activities you enjoy, the team at Foot & Ankle Surgical Associates can provide a diagnosis and begin a treatment plan during your first clinic visit.

“I think we do a better, faster job at getting from diagnosis to cure,” says Terrence Hess, DPM. Hess and his colleagues utilize industry-leading diagnostic imaging, such as weightbearing 3D CT scans and X-ray, in conjunction with ultrasound, to assess the health of a patient’s feet during the initial evaluation appointment. The findings are shared right
away, so treatment options can be discussed and started immediately, when possible.

Many foot ailments can be solved with nonsurgical treatments. Custom orthotics for shoes and physical therapy are common. Advanced problems, such as diabetic wounds, may require regenerative medicine therapies to accelerate the healing process. If surgery is necessary, most procedures can be done at the clinic and allow you to return home the same day.

To keep your feet healthy for the long term, visiting a podiatrist for preventive care is key, says Hess. “Just as you go to the eye doctor or dentist routinely, you don’t want to wait until a problem arises with your feet,” he explains.

Receiving regular checkups can help identify problems in the early stages when they are easier to treat.

Evaluations for children can be especially beneficial. Family history, physical development and learned habits can lead to problems later on. Hess emphasizes that assessing the structure and function of feet at a young age allows for corrections to be made that can have lifelong benefits.

Foot & Ankle Surgical Associates clinics can be found in Olympia, Tumwater, Centralia, Yelm and Tacoma. New patients are welcome.