Heritage Distilling: Heroes in the fight

It is an understatement to say life over the past couple of months has changed. We have all been asked to alter our behaviors in an effort to keep each other safe and combat COVID-19. As the pandemic has grown in scope, we have seen businesses from every sector step up to help provide desperately needed medical supplies. In March, Heritage Distilling Co. joined the ranks of other notable businesses and announced plans to produce hand sanitizer at their distilleries across Washington.

“We have shifted our focus away from producing our flagship BSB-Brown Sugar Bourbon product into making hand sanitizer on a large scale for the public and hospitals, first responder and front line workers,” said Heritage Distilling Co. CEO Justin Stiefel. “Working to protect our communities is our number one focus right now.”

The pivot from making spirits to hand sanitizer required a shift in the production schedule. “We went from making vodkas, gins and whiskey to sanitizer” said Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer Hannah Hanley. “It’s the same basic premise, just different ingredients. We are now bottling 5 days a week, multiple shifts a day utilizing as much raw ingredients as we can source at this point.”

Heritage Distilling estimates they will be able to produce up to 15,000 gallons per month which is equal to 250,000, 8-ounce bottles of sanitizer. Orders for 750ml bottles can be placed online or purchased at tasting rooms in Seattle, Gig Harbor and Roslyn. Customers will be limited to two bottles each. Special pricing is available to all front line workers, including those in the healthcare industry, military, law enforcement, delivery and grocery employees, who present a valid ID.For more information on Heritage Distilling, including locations where you can purchase Heritage Distilling Hand Sanitizer, please visit www.heritagedistilling.com. by Andrea Lerum