Locus Wines Opens a New Tasting Room

Leave the stale crackers and obscure wine tasting behind and experience Locus Wines’ newly dedicated tasting room in Occidental Square.

While wine tasting can be intimidating for many, Ton Yazici and Rich Burton, co-founders of Locus Wines, have mastered the design of wine and food and will have you buying bottles for your own holiday table.

The pair has emphasized the way that wine and food compliment each other and take a dining experience to a different level.

“We are experts in drinking wine,” Yazici jokes, “and we drink wine primarily when we are eating. It’s from personal experience that we feel that the food and wine are so intertwined and people deserve that experience.”

The Seattle-based winery has hosted many tasting events since its beginning in 2012 that included food pairings. Now its first dedicated wine tasting room will feature those pairings exclusively.

 “When you have a good pairing, the wine elevates the food and the food elevates the wine, and that’s the foundation of what we have tried to achieve,” Yazici says.

Sipping on the 2016 Locus Sud – a red blend of Grenache, cinsult, and syrah – might leave a slight acidic taste on your tongue. But when paired with the eggplant caprese that was carefully curated by Yazici, you are suddenly sent on a smooth, creamy delight that has you reaching for your glass of red.

The 2016 Locus Rose is a perfect addition for your holiday table after you’ve tasted its perfect compliment to a turkey breast and cranberry relish bite.

The flavors of the grapes can age and change so differently and so frequently that it requires an aspect of adaptation for Yazici and Burton that may not be the case for other tasting rooms.

“The menu will change every few months or weeks even because the seasons change. I have the luxury of tasting the wine so I can see the change but I can’t just rest on one recipe that I created because I may not be able to serve it in a few months,” Yazici says.

As the winemaker, Burton relishes in the ability to bring European white varietals and bold Washington red wines to the public at a reasonable price.

 “We wanted to do something new but we wanted to do it right, and we were not going to just create another tasting room where you try five wines, pay your 10 dollars and go, he says. “We wanted to recreate what we were doing at our release parties where we provide this welcoming place where you experience this intersection of food and wine. We really wanted to create an experience for everyone.”

Visit the clean, inviting space in Occidental Square for a night of wine and food pairings that everyone will find approachable and delicious.Locus Wines will be open Wednesday through Monday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. and for more information, including events and wine club options, visit