Olympia OB/GYN Heroes: Babies Born During Pandemic

Babies are born when they are ready, and dedicated medical personnel tackle coronavirus challenges to deliver them safely.

That’s true of the team at Olympia Obstetrics & Gynecology (OOG), who developed new techniques as they work with patients and welcome babies. They are using technology in positive ways while they keep everyone safe.

“We love moms and babies,” said Dr. Darrel Bell. “The virus hasn’t changed how special each delivery has been. I thank all those who protect mothers and babies by wearing masks and practicing social distancing.” An average of 100 babies a month are delivered by clinic medical staff.

Cari Bussey, certified nurse midwife with the clinic, said, “So much about obstetrics is about family. It is different not having family members in the clinic with the mother.”

“I can’t wait to get over separating families,” Dr. Bell agreed. Partners are always welcome in the delivery room, but “not a lot of extra people are invited into the hospital,” he said, adding that for some patients this limitation created a “beautiful intimate time.”

“We’ve discovered a lot of silver linings,” Bussey said. “Health care workers have been forced to hop on the telemedicine effort. We’ve been able to adopt what works for us, and patients enjoy some benefits. “OOG utilizes a telehealth system that ties the visit to the patient’s electronic health record. Patients receive a link via email or text and can access us through their mobile phones, iPads and desktops.”

Deb Cannon, practice administrator/manager at the clinic, said, “We are a big family, and maybe none of us really understood what it means to be an ‘essential worker’ until now. We have been proud to have maintained a safe environment for everyone; that includes the babies.”

ShowCase Magazine salutes Olympia Obstetrics & Gynecology for going the extra mile for their patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.


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