Olympia’s Book Fairy– Browsers Book Shop

After a delightful phone interview with Browsers Book Shop owner Andrea Griffith, I decided on making a much overdue visit to Olympia’s downtown for an in-person visit. I admit, it had been years since stepping into what I recalled as a dusty, yet charming little bookstore. After Andrea shared details of her amazing reformation of the space (2015), I could not resist the temptation to satisfy my curiosity and exercise my lifetime addiction the paper book. 

Upon my arrival to Browsers, a warm welcome from Andrea and an invite to browse away. Within moments I’m transported, as if by time machine, to childhood and monthly Scholastic book deliveries to the classroom. The crisp-pages, seemingly unturned by another, coupled with the slightly inky, wooded, vanilla scent is as intoxicating now as it was then. That familiar feel and scent of a new book or older book ignites a chill of anticipation in so many us for the storied adventure that awaits. 

A downtown Olympia landmark for 80 years, and boasting a steady history of women owners, Browsers Book Shop has been transformed from the renditions of the past by Andrea. She has poured her heart and love for books and into this addictively inviting space. Visitors are swept into a two-level mezzanine style library reminiscent of the bookstores we see in our favorite rom-com movies. Discover books, chocolate, journals, precious greeting and note cards, puzzles, writing instruments and more!

Known by many as “The Book Fairy,“ Andrea made home deliveries of goods purchased on their website during the peak of the pandemic crisis. “I got my kids involved in the effort too!” Delivered were carefully packaged online purchased books and goods, with puzzles being a surprise favorite. “The reward in seeing the happy faces of our customers and still having the ability to make that connection with people was a blessing. We absolutely love our community and feel thankful for the tremendous support,” stated Andrea.

Small downtown businesses like Browsers Book Shop need us now more than ever. Don’t miss online and in-store exploration of Browsers book clubs, events, staff recommended reading lists, and the 20% educators discount. For more information, visit https://www.browsersolympia.com/.