Outdoor Decor Trends– Summer 2019

The summer months are a time to soak in the sunlight and recharge before autumn comes again, and what better way to do that than by relaxing outside? This coming summer features some classic and revamped trends for outdoor decor that will bring new life to your patio space.

Try a Woven Texture

Tables are naturally the centerpiece of a patio, and this summer’s trends have them in the spotlight, with a woven, texture-forward theme and minimalistic colors. Eco-friendly materials are also a staple in this year’s outdoor decor, highlighting the beautiful plants that show their faces during the summer months.

Play with Accent Colors

When choosing a new patio set or freshening up a current set to welcome the summer, pillows and umbrellas are a great way to spruce things up. Try an upbeat accent color, like a bright green, navy, or light blue. Colors having their moment this summer are blush pink and cheerful yellow, easily incorporated through interchangeable decor pieces like throw pillows. The classic maritime stripe is also a featured pattern this year, and a dark base color in chairs or tables will enhance your color palette.

Be Inspired by Nature

For a centerpiece this summer, experiment with geometric patterns in nature, such as vines or clusters of flowers. A patterned table runner or a single vase on a smaller table also lends a cohesive feel to the space.

Mix It Up

A new trend that gives an outdoor living space a cozy feel is bringing the indoors out. A bright rug under a covered patio of a blue ceramic flower pot in the corner brings a modern touch to traditional outdoor decor. Whatever type of decor you choose to feature in your outdoor living space this summer, be sure to enjoy it with family and friends!