Ruby Soul Yoga, Spa & Juice Bar

Starting a new wellness routine can be intimidating, especially if you’re a beginner. To help clients select the best classes for their needs and break through any discomfort, the team at Ruby Soul Yoga, Spa & Juice Bar focuses on giving you lots of face-to-face time and personalizing their recommendations for yoga, massage, and even for that perfect pick-me-up at their juice bar. “We’re very intentional about talking to clients, learning their wellness goals, and getting them placed in just the right class,” explained Aimee Marchant, studio manager.

The wide variety of yoga classes offered makes it easy to find one to match your needs. “Our yoga instruction is designed to be therapeutic and restorative—helping people heal while getting a workout,” noted Marchant. The most popular class right now is one that combines flowing Vinyasa yoga with an uplifting and energizing reggae play list.

Head to the in-house juice and smoothie bar after class to get your thirst quenched with a refreshing and nourishing beverage. The menu features fresh pressed, organic blends that are also free of gluten and soy. “We had so much fun creating the recipes based on our at-home favorites,” remembers Marchant. The signature drink, Ruby Red, includes beets to deliver a powerful punch of nutrients, partnered with spinach, carrot, orange, lemon, cucumber, and cinnamon.

For more relaxation, therapeutic massage and infrared therapies are available in the spa. The infrared sauna uses full spectrum FAR, NEAR, and MID infrared waves to help you detoxify, heal, and relax your body without the intense and overwhelming heat of a traditional sauna. The private space allows you the opportunity to meditate, listen to music, or incorporate aromatherapy to enhance your session.

“We are passionate about self-care and healing the body in unique ways,” said Marchant. “We want to educate people about whole body care and make it accessible.”


8640 Martin Way E, Suite H, Lacey

(360) 522-4491