Mercato Ristorante

Mercato Ristorante
111 Market St. NE, Olympia

Only a few restaurants possess the ability to transport a diner to another place. What is really happening is that the particulars of the food, the sounds of the dining room, the buzz of the kitchen, the tablecloths, and the gleaming flatware all combine perfectly to affect the guest’s senses, to transport them-not to someplace else-but simply away from themselves.

It’s a real trick, in fact. And Mercato is one of those places that pulls it off. A Thursday night in Spring found us tucked into a roomy table. We peeled off jackets and enjoyed studying the menu.

We started the eating experience with one of their succulent appetizers – the sweetness of balsamic syrup mixed with the rich flavor of prosciutto – wrapped prawns created a rich harmony. Next we proceeded with the Pear Gorgonzola salad, which is always amazing. The tartness of pears and blackberry vinaigrette dances eloquently off the a wonderfully pungent flavor.

For an entree the fresh salmon was well prepared and delicious followed by house-made Tiramisu dessert. Mercato delivers a culinary experience you will not soon forget. From the house-made focaccia bread and salad dressings, to fresh pasta and sauces, everything is hand made.

Mercato continues to delivers top notch simple and fresh food experience. And it takes us away to that other place every single time we visit.

Leah Grout