Support Local Cuisine with Restaurant Rally

We all have a go-to restaurant or local dining location that we’ve been missing these last few months, whether or not the option of delivery is available. There’s something about the ambiance of a well-loved restaurant, the signature dishes that you’ve always enjoyed, or even the excitement of trying something new, that brings us together as a community. This November, join the Pierce County Restaurant Rally program to support our local restaurants by growing incoming business and camaraderie. 

The Pierce County Restaurant Rally is a movement sponsored by funding from Pierce County’s CARES act that enables Pierce County to reimburse participating restaurants anywhere from $5,000 to $90,000 for their gross sales of dine-in meals. 

If you’re a diner, Sue Kidd from Dine Pierce County says that “all you have to do is spend your cash at a participating full-service restaurant and you’ll get 30 percent off your tab.” From November 8-12 and 15-19, 2020, dine-in meals (excluding alcohol) will be 30 percent off for all customers, so you can enjoy the food you love while helping support our local businesses.

Whether it be in a group, for a spontaneous date night, or even as some restful time to yourself, take advantage of the 30 percent discount at participating locations and support our restaurants with the Restaurant Rally this November!

To learn more, and to see a list of participating restaurants (available October 29), visit the Pierce County website.