Tacoma Moon Festival Celebrates Eight Years

Traditionally, the Tacoma Moon Festival is an annual outdoor celebration hosted by the Chinese Reconciliation Project Foundation at the Chinese Reconciliation Park. The festival’s goal is to honor the rich diverse cultures of the Puget Sound region over the last one hundred and fifty years.

This year, though, the eighth annual Tacoma Moon Festival will not be a live, in-person event. Instead, imagine a beautiful graphic representation of the Park that you can visit from home on any electronic device. As you move around the map on your screen, visitors will be able to: stop by the welcome information booth and take a video tour with docents that have intimate knowledge of the park and its history; visit the Ting to watch a wide selection of dance and musical performances from Tacoma’s most beloved heritage groups and local talents; learn about resources and programs in the community; and pick up a recipe for mooncake or download a fun activity for the kids at a vendor booth.

The festival will also feature an online Asian Teahouse, with experts sharing brewing techniques, buying tips, and tasting workshops. Additionally, Beer and Wine Garden will offer special Moon Festival libations for local Tacoma in-store pickups. 

The festival posters for this year feature a Jade Rabbit, which is traditionally a symbol of selflessness, piety, and sacrifice in Chinese culture. The Jade Rabbit is this year’s festival mascot to promote symbols of healing and the virtue of giving in our communities. Festival t-shirts, posters, and other merchandise with this special design will  be available for order. The new Moon Festival  website will be unveiled on Thursday, October 1, 2020 and will remain online permanently. To learn more, please visit CRPF’s festival info page.