Toytopia: Play Your Way Down Memory Lane

Rekindle the wonder and delight of your favorite childhood moments at Toytopia at the Washington State History Museum in Tacoma. The new exhibition is on view until June 10.

What was your favorite childhood toy? A jump rope, a board game or Space Invaders? An Easy Bake Oven or a Slinky? You’ll find your favorites in Toytopia. The exhibition is huge and offers BIG fun! The museum’s fifth floor is a magical toyland where you can play with the world’s largest Etch A Sketch, a life-size doll house, a human-scale Monopoly car and much more. It will delight the “kid” in everyone.

“Our goal was to capture the essence of childhood wonder, that dream of being in a world of toys,” said Troy Carlson, owner of Stage Nine Entertainment Group, who created the exhibition.

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Toytopia Highlights Include:

  • The world’s largest Etch A Sketch, close to 8 feet tall.
  • Retro Arcade Area with working games to play.
  • A life-size doll house.
  • A life-size Monopoly car and game board—sit inside for a unique photo opportunity!
  • From the movie Big starring Tom Hanks: the giant piano keyboard and the fortune teller machine Zoltar Speaks.
  • LEGO® wall, play area and a fanciful electric train running through an inventive LEGO® landscape.
  • A signature Jack in the Box exploring the science of toys, from Furby® to radiometers.
  • Historic Schylling Tin Toys.
  • Keva Planks, Lincoln Logs and Brain Teasers play areas.

Take a walk down memory lane through decades of toys, many giant-sized as seen here. (Don’t miss the walkthrough doll house, and take a seat in the Monopoly car for a great photo op!) See favorites from your childhood at the Washington State History Museum, Tacoma, through June 10.

Xciting Xpansion at Angle of the Winds

Levers are pulled, slots are turning, dice are thrown, and cards are shuffled in a grand hall of entertained patrons. The smell of fresh ingredients and the clink of glasses echo throughout the room.

The commotion Angel of the Winds experiences on a daily basis is about to double thanks to their Xciting Xpansion Project. Those involved in the new project, as well as hundreds of others, broke ground Tuesday, January 23.

“The event went very well,” Marketing Manager for Angle of the Winds Tosh Anderson says about the groundbreaking. The project is expected to take 18 months, bringing with it 275 slot machines, a huge parking garage, a 200-seat buffet, gaming tables, and much more.

“We are looking to offer additional amenities beyond the gaming and hotel for our guests. Adding entertainment options, new food and beverage venues, and a parking garage all add to the overall Xperience at Angel Of The Winds Casino Resort,” he says. “Anyone visiting Angel Of The Winds Casino Resort will gain new unique and Xciting Xperiences every time they visit. We are determined to provide the best entertainment options in the area and give all of our guests a reason to come and also come back.”

Anderson believes many of the new amenities are things patrons have been wanting for a long time, as well as things they may not have known they’ve also wanted. He lists the 575-space parking garage as one of those amenities patrons may not know will be immensely beneficial to them until it’s available.


“At the core, obviously we expect to attract new customers and increase the frequency of our current clientele,” he says. “ However, on a broader scope, this development will create new jobs in the community, new entertainment options in the area, and produce more revenue for the Stillaguamish Tribe, which allows them to give back more to our neighbors in the surrounding area.”

Xciting Xpansion is beyond the business, with intentions geared toward the community. To stay up to date on the project and how it will affect its community, visit for more information. by Jordan Marie McCaw

Angle of the Winds

3438 Stoluckquamish Ln, Arlington