Ten Washington Wines for the Holidays

With over 900 wineries and thousands of lush vineyard acres, Washington State is home to some of the country’s prime grape-growing regions and every year provides delicious, award-winning wines. We would like to share ten Washington wines that we feel are perfect to enjoy during the holidays this year.



Jet Black, Syrah, 2017- Alexandria Nicole Cellars
Velvety rich texture, featuring a variety of fruits that are complemented by earthy, smokey notes.

Reserve Zinfandel, 2014 – Maryhill Winery
Envelops the taster in sweet pie aromas, a toasty palate and a warm, silky finish.

Cabernet Sauvignon XXI, 2015 – Dunham Cellars
Raspberry opens on the nose and notes of black currant and dried herbs dance on the mid-palate in this deep, full-bodied Red.

Cabernet Franc, 2017- Tamarack Cellars
Smooth body infused with sweet spice and subtle elderberry. Cherry hits the nose nicely and leads to outstanding flavors of honey and ripe red plum.

Don Isidro, Red Blend, 2015 – Gard Vintners
A one-of-a-kind, gentle blend deep with rich fruit flavor. Named in honor of the Vineyard Manager, Isidro Mondragon.

Carmenere, 2015 – Jones Winery
Light and supple, hinted with peppercorn spice and abundant with aromas of cherry, raspberry, and juicy cranberry.

Brother’s Blend, Red Blend, 2016- Milbrandt Vineyards
A banquet of black cherry, raspberry, plum and savory herbs pairs beautifully with decadent dark fruit and is perfected by vanilla and subtle toast at the finish.


Icon Late Harvest Semillon, 2014 – Waterbrook Winery
A bright dessert wine leavened with ripe apricot and dried pear flavor.

Sparkling Brut, 2013 – Jones Winery
Bursting with apple, lemon zest, honeysuckle, pineapple and toasted hazelnut. Laced with floral notes and a touch of buttered croissant. A surprising creamy texture and perfectly balanced.

Syrah Rose, 2018 – Radiance Winery
Refreshing and fruit forward with a unique rhubarb finish. A Syrah bridal blend that gives it a bit of warmth, ideal for anytime of the year.