Tuladhara Yoga in Gig Harbor

When you ask Alicia Barrett, owner of Tuladhara Yoga Studios, about yoga, her passion and love of the practice is immediately apparent.  Formerly a director at a major retailer, Barrett left the corporate life a few years back in search of her own community of people.

In the years that followed, Barrett traveled around, teaching yoga classes.  It was then the idea of creating a community of people through her own studio formed.  Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, she was drawn back to the South Sound area, where she overcame her fears and brought her idea to life.

“The regret of not trying would be worse than the failure of it not working,” Barrett says. So, in 2016, she opened her first studio in Lakewood.  This was followed by a second studio in Tacoma’s Proctor District, and, most recently, a third location opening in Gig Harbor.

The name Tuladhara means “the bearer of balance.” Students are encouraged to find balance in the body, mind, and spirit.  With more than 25 public classes alone at the Lakewood location, Barrett believes fully that Yoga is for ‘Every Body.’  “Classes can be really relaxing and restorative or, really sweaty and challenging,” Barrett said.  The three studios are heated, but they are not hot.  The focus in every class is on breathwork, meditation, and the posture practice. Students are encouraged to find the type of practice and poses that work for their bodies.

The new Gig Harbor location will focus on serving the entire community. From Kids Yoga to Chair-Assisted Yoga for Seniors, there will be classes and events for every shape and age– proving that yoga really is for “Every Body.”  If you want to learn more challenging poses or learn to stand on your head, there will be classes and events for the seasoned yogi as well. 

The newest Tuladhara Yoga studio is located at 4641 Pt. Fosdick Drive Suite 200 in Gig Harbor.  For a full view of the class schedules, events, and services at their three locations visit the Tuladhara Yoga website.Tuld