Welcoming Program Manager Robin Houde

This week, the Thurston Economic Development Council is pleased to announce Robin Houde as the new Program Manager for the Washington Center for Women in Business (WCWB)! Houde brings to the team a diverse background of education, small business management and marketing experience. She began as a volunteer with the WCWB, accepted the role of Administrative Specialist at the WCWB in March of 2020, and most recently named Creative Strategist in May 2020.

An outgoing Thurston County local, Houde is well connected and brings an existing network to the WCWB. She handles marketing and outreach, manages the social media and program oversight of Let’s Talk Business, and offers social media, branding and design coaching. As an Evergreen State College student she focused the first half of her degree in psychology and health sciences while transitioning her second half towards business and community outreach. 

“I am passionate about building meaningful community relationships and serving the public and I’m so excited to be able to help provide the resources and guidance to empower women entrepreneurs,” says Houde. Thurston County is proud to welcome Robin Houde to the Washington Center for Women in Business! To learn more, visit the EDC website.