Wesley Health and Care Continues to Serve

Wesley Health and Home Care has been serving families all around the Northwest for years with their in-home health care services, and this summer they’ve continued to provide excellent, reliable service with the recently-introduced Palliative Care Program. This program offers home health services for homebound patients with advanced diseases. 

For those with a serious illness, the option of palliative care combines home health and hospice services to manage whatever disease or symptoms they may encounter. Palliative care is an effective option for those who may not be ready for hospice but could benefit from specialized care and emotional as well as physical support. Wesley’s new program allows a team of professionals to provide palliative services while addressing the many ways serious illnesses affect patients and their families.

While eligibility for hospice care requires a certain prognosis, palliative care is administered based on each person’s individual need. A palliative care doctor is able to visit patients once a month, or whatever frequency they deem appropriate, and works alongside the primary care doctor to help manage symptoms and minimize hospitalizations. 

The Wesley Home Health team ensures that their palliative care patients receive nursing, social work, chaplain services, and volunteers when needed, along with a guarantee of invaluable in-home service from caregivers.

For more information, visit the Wesley Health and Home Care website.