Meet The CEO of the Boys & Girls Clubs

Craig McElfresh and his wife were excited to move to a new city and new community when he was named CEO of Boys & Girls Clubs of Thurston County. During his first few months in his new role, the Washington native says he is most excited to learn about the community and the organization and its board of directors and staff.
He’s also excited for people to get to know him. He and his wife, Rita, have been embraced by Thurston County and the community, he says. “Quite frankly, we are having a blast getting to know people.”

Coming from a successful career at Boeing, McElfresh says his favorite job there was working in senior management in the Technology Planning department. In that role he worked across the entire company to develop new and improved ways of thinking about how technology can impact products and processes. He believes the skill of working with many groups with diverse ideas is directly translatable to his work at the Boys & Girls Clubs.

“Creating a culture of innovation, excellence and deep personal ownership of the work [at BGCTC],” says McElfresh, is exciting because it is “focused on helping the families and kids of our community in Thurston County.”

One of his goals for this first year, he says, is to increase partnerships with local cities and towns. Their aim is to continue focusing on the safety and quality of their programs. “We’re looking for opportunities across Thurston County to expand our influence in helping youth with academic success, good character development and healthy lifestyles.”

McElfresh discovered his passion for youth development when he graduated from high school and helped coach the summer baseball team. “That’s when I fell in love with leading kids and giving back to the community in that way,” he says. He also serves on the board of directors for the nonprofit Reality Sports, working and teaching youth through sports.


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